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Scholarship Resources

Applying for scholarships can make a big difference in offsetting the cost of college expenses.  These resources can help you find and get selected for scholarships.

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Top Scholarship Search Websites


Easy to use. Fastweb took the lead in every category. Fastweb has an inviting and interactional functionality and high dollar amount scholarships. Fastweb’s search platform can be tailored for all levels of student — high school, undergraduate, graduate.


Cappex has an expansive database, scholarship availability, ease of use, extra tools, and a large database. More search results than any other site, plus every desirable search tool. Cappex comes with the assurance that you won’t be leaving any money on the table.


Unigo ranked first in search functionality. It has more filters and scholarship categories than any other platform — nearly 2,000 in total. The number of filters increases your likelihood of finding promising scholarships faster.

Big Future

Big Future is a search platform, operated by College Board. It has a wealth of additional college planning tools it offers. It’s a one-stop-shop for financial aid information and tuition planning. 

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