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College Planning Strategies Book - Website Resources 

Appendix A

General College Planning Information

•Invest N Others:

•College Prep 101:

•Department of Education: Undergraduate Enrollment in Degree-Granting 

College Applications:

•A Complete Guide to the College Application Process:

•Common Application:

•The Common App: Everything You Need to Know:

•The Common Black College Application:

College Planning Information

•Cappex College Search: and Career Ready:

•College Data:

•College Ranking:

•Education Planner:

•I’m First Plan:

•Kaplan Factors in College Admission:

•Opportunities: Preparing for College:

•Peterson’s Timeline:

College Visits and Tours

•10 Key Places to See on College Tours:

•eCampus Tours:

•Explore 7 Types of College Campus Visits:

•US News College Tours:


•10 Tips to Inspire College Essays:

•Big Future, Best College Essay:

•College Express, College Essay:

•Common Essay Topics:

•How to Write a College Essay:

•Princeton College Essay Advice:

•USA News, How to Write a College Essay:

Financial Aid

•An Ultimate Guide to Understanding Financial Aid:

•Department of Education - Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA):

•Sallie Mae:


•7 Ways to Think About College When Homeschooling:

•College Planning Handbook for Homeschooled Students and Families: Regent University:

•National Home Education Research Institute, Research Facts on Homeschooling:

•The Home School Mom:

•U.S. News and World Report Education: Home-Schooled Teens Ripe for College:

SAT and ACT Testing


•ACT Online Prep:

•College Board (SAT):

•Free Test Prep:

•Huntington Test Prep:


•Khan Academy:

•Kent Prep:

•Princeton Review:


•Power Score:


•Spark Notes:

•Study Point:


NCAA Eligibility for Student-Athletes

•National Collegiate Athletic Association:

•NCAA Eligibility Center:

•NCAA Recruiting Calendar:


•Air Force ROTC:

•Army ROTC:


•College Board:

•College Scholarships:


•Naval ROTC:



•The Scholarship System:

•Ultimate Guide: How to Find and Secure Scholarships for College:


•U.S. Department of Labor:

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