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Executive and Team Coaching

Invest N Others can help you become the leader or enhance team performance, you know you can be—ready for today’s most complex organizational challenges. Our job is to help you determine what you or your team wants and how you can get there, but you will always drive your coaching process.

Phase 1: Discovery

Before we can help you grow, you must first determine how you need to grow. Invest N Others will help you objectively assess your current leadership skill level, strengths, and areas for development through a series of personalized exercises, such as:

  • Emotional intelligence assessments—Studies suggest emotional intelligence (EI) plays a far more important role in leadership performance and career success than IQ. Our assessment evaluates your self-awareness and self-management skills; relationship management skills; and communication skills.

  • 360 degree feedback assessments— Your coach may interview key colleagues at every working level—managers, peers, and direct reports—to yield critical feedback and discover unanticipated development opportunities for you.

  • Shadowing–Your coach may participate as a passive observer to evaluate your approach to daily, routine business.

Phase 2: Personal Action Plan

The findings of our discovery phase will provide guidance as you and your coach work together to create your individual leadership development plan. The plan will include specific short-term and long-term goals, strategies and action plans, as well as baseline, mid-point and end-of-coaching metric comparisons to measure your progress.

Phase 3: Coaching Sessions

It’s time to put your plan into action. Through a series of in-person and phone coaching sessions, you and your coach will work together to break through your limiting patterns, create and practice new behaviors, and stay accountable to your goals. Each session includes “take-home” assignments to help you build your skills after the session ends.

Phase 4: Wrap-up and Check-ins

At the conclusion of your coaching partnership, you’ll receive a summary that measures your goal attainment and establishes areas for continued focus. Brief coaching check-ins may take place for a period following the conclusion of your formal coaching relationship.

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